Group Benefits

Our Mission

accidental poverty prevention with Naviguide InsuranceNaviguide has many missions. We want to:

  1. Prevent accidental poverty. We do this by helping as many people as possible get access to health, mental health disability, critical illness and life insurance.
    • We have helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees gain access to these kinds of coverage.
      • An employee who has Life Insurance for themselves, spouse and children, along with personal Disability Coverage and Critical Illness Insurance will be able to pay their bills if they have any health issues.
        This is prevention of accidental poverty!
    • During our years of helping people, we have helped hundreds of clients with disability, life and critical illness claims. The total amount paid to just our clients is in the tens of $millions.
    • In 2022, the Canadian Health Insurance industry paid out over $60 Billion in health & life insurance claims. We were a part of that. How many families would have struggled financially if they did not have these great benefits?
    • Many people, fortunately, do not realize the cost of having major health issues in Canada. For example, just one illness, Cystic Fibrosis, the medication can cost over $300,000 / year in Canada. If one of our clients has a child with this illness, their benefit plan will help pay that cost. The plan may very well pay all of that cost. People with Auto-Immune issues can easily have drug costs greater than $50,000 / year. 20% of Canadians have regular headaches. Some headache medications are now over $15,000 / year.
      This too is prevention of accidental poverty!
  1. Help business owners increase their profitability by Attracting, Retaining, and improve the health & happiness of their employees.
    • Jay & Ryan (our senior advisors) have consulted with thousands of employers over their years in this industry. In a meeting with Jay or Ryan, a client comes away with valuable ideas that can help employers achieve their goals. Our aim is to make every meeting valuable and educational.
  1. Help business owners run a more efficient & profitable business.
    • Employee benefits can be seen as a cost on a spread-sheet or they can be seen as an investment. The Naviguide team have helped guide hundreds of clients on how to improve employee satisfaction, engagement and employee health. Those items reduce turnover and increase productivity. In turn, a benefit plan becomes an investment that brings in more than it costs.
    • The business consulting that Naviguide Advisors provide as part of our day to day practice, helps business owners plan for other pro-active measures to better protect their businesses and improve HR related processes.
missionTo do this, we do the following:
  • Provide the most current and creative information to our clients regarding their options.
    • Jay is an educator of benefit advisors. He helps Advisors be better Advisors. Ryan has been working in the benefit field for over 20 years. Behind Jay & Ryan is a service team that has deep inside knowledge of the insurance industry. Imagine the information our advisors, analysts and service team bring that will help you with your plan and employees.
  • Advise our clients with industry leading concepts that result in improved employee satisfaction, attendance and health outcomes.
  • Use the best and most appropriate insurance products that are available in BC and Alberta.
    • Naviguide is part of a small, unique, group of top advisors in Canada. As such;
      • We are part of a very small group who have access to special programs that few brokers even know exist.
      • We have access new products, concepts and services in advance of most other advisors.
      • We get preferred pricing from many of our insurance partners. This preferred pricing is passed on to our clients to give them long term savings.
    • Provide all our clients with a superior level of client service (with support from our partner plan manager, Nexim Canada)
    • Support our community
    • Give back wherever we can
 If you want a unique benefit idea for your employees, just ask. We have amazing ideas & options.

Our Vision

Naviguide exists so that everyone has abundance.

We ensure families avoid the unnecessary financial hardship accidents and illnesses bring. Hardships for families include not being able to pay regular bills, having high medical bills or both.

For businesses, financial hardships arise from supporting and replacing employees who cannot be at work due to illness or accident. Further, by helping businesses better support their employees, and improve their HR practices, their profitability should increase. Custom benefit programs that fit the exact need are usually more effective at achieving the goal of increased profitability.

We ensure families and businesses have access to the best support, advice and financial tools available.

We live by the ethic of “leave no trace”. Insurance is a paper intensive business. To offset the environmental effects this has, we work virtually to minimize vehicle emission, use electronic forms where possible and we direct funds to local charitable environmental organizations for every major policy that we place.