Group Benefits

Our Mission

Naviguide’s mission is to be the most professional, supportive and creative group benefit advisory in BC and Alberta. To do this, we do all the following:

  • Provide the highest level of information to our clients regarding their options
  • Use the best and most appropriate insurance products that are available in BC and Alberta
  • Provide all our clients with a superior level of client service (with support from our Nexim analysts and service team)
  • Keep informed on new insurers and plans
  • Support our community
  • Give back wherever we can

Our Vision

Naviguide ensures families and businesses avoid unnecessary financial hardship accidents and illnesses can bring. Hardships for families include not being able to pay regular bills, having high medical bills or both. For businesses, financial hardship arise from supporting and possibly replacing employees who, due to no fault of their own, cannot be at work.

We ensure families and businesses have access to the best service, advice and financial tools available.

We live by the ethic of “leave no trace”. However, insurance is a paper intensive business. To offset the environmental effects this may have, we direct funds to local charitable environmental organizations for every major policy that we place.