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This came as a surprise. We were contacted by Benefit & Pensions Monitor to let us know we were selected as a Top 20 Brokerage in Canada. We originally thought it was a scam. It was not!

To let you know what kind of honour this is, in Canada there are about 100,000 licensed people who can sell group benefit programs. Further, Benefit & Pensions Monitor is a well respected organization in the Benefit & HR field.

Naviguide Top Consultants Award

Many of the other brokerages selected are large name ones that you may have heard of. One of the chosen ones is a good friend (Mosely Group Benefits). We are honoured and proud to be included in this fine list of names.

We could not accomplish this without our stellar team. Naviguide is currently composed of two senior advisors, two service managers, a team of analysts, program managers and of course our amazing client care people.

Naviguide’s driving goal is to have the best service / most comprehensive advisory in Canada. We have partnerships with about 150 different providers of different kinds of benefit programs. If your request is legal, we can likely create a program that fits your goals and needs.

In Canada, there are three ways to get benefits for your organization:

  1. Direct from an insurer
  2. From a Broker
  3. From an Advisor

All three options seem to cost about the same.

  • When you go direct to an insurer, you have to figure out everything on your own. When you call for support, you get rules with no advice or insight.
  • When you go through a broker, you get multiple prices, maybe with a little advice.
  • When you go through an advisor, you get a shopping experience where the advisor understands your needs and the various insurer offers. You get a dedicated personal shopping experience with insights & future planning. Once your plan is in place, you get far more service and support. The result when using an advisor is a happier employee base and a group of people who become part of your HR team for long term support and education.
    • The advisory option should save compared to going direct or through a broker. Happier, healthier, engaged employees are more present and productive. A plan administrator who is well educated and supported will better protect your company from employee issues. Business owners and plan administrators get faster answers to questions, allowing them to focus on the important aspects of their roles.

We continually keep our ears open for solutions to ensure benefit programs continually fit the changing needs of our clients. We help with HR documents. We help with payroll. We educate plan administrators, employees and spouses about their programs. We become part of the HR Team. We would rather our client call us 17 times with the same question then have them guessing at solutions.

Thank you to all of our awesome clients who have given us reasons to be our best selves.

The original announcement is here:

Jay Nadler, Employee Benefit Specialist.

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