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Poverty prevention experts, ready to help guide you toward a worry-free future

We’re experienced field guides who’ll walk you or your company through the forest of options available,
and show you the hidden paths toward powerful tax advantages and shelters.

Naviguide is different than any financial advisory you have experienced


The world of insurance and benefits could be confusing.

At Naviguide, we identify and illuminate the rugged terrain that leaves most people
frustrated and under-protected.

We are an independent insurance and group benefits advisory.  We specialize in guiding our clients to the best forms of life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness coverage, group benefits, and travel insurance based on their needs. If you have special needs, we have special coverage. (i.e. medical coverage to speed access to diagnostics, specialists & surgeries, insurance for people who are hard to insure, specialty travel insurance)

We have access to hundreds of options and we provide a depth of service unlike any other. We are also a proven and successful guide for group retirement plans

We select only a limited number of clients each year to maintain an exceptional level of service. Our clients are business owners, self employed people, people who need estate planning, and people who are active (runners, cyclists, skiers, kayakers, etc).

Guiding our clients to get the best insurance and benefits plan available to them.

Our background in education helps us to turn insurance and tax & legal planning into every day language. Our education based processes enable our clients to make knowledge based decisions.

We listen to your goals and consider your limits as your guiding points. We then direct you to your perfect solution from our hundreds of available options.

You benefit from the relationships we have built with our insurers and high end, HR, tax and legal advisors. We will take you to exclusive specialty insurance products that are finely tuned to your particular path. (i.e. tax reduction, hard to insure coverage, front of line coverage for health issues, specialty travel insurance and Kidnap & Ransom coverage, to name just a few)

We have been developing processes to ensure that you are well cared for since 2002.

In our ‘kit’ is a background in education, business, finance, taxation and contract law, along with 16 years of insurance expertise. Our kit provides a well rounded approach to financial planning. As a business owners and insurance specialists, we understand how to combine your business and family planning needs with a broad understanding of legal & accounting principles to form a comprehensive plan to create flexible solutions for you. We are very experienced at discussing issues with your accountant and lawyers with you or on your behalf.

This process ensures full and proper planning and a vantage point no other insurance guide can provide.
If you need something incredibly specific & rare, we have other specialists at our disposal who can help guide you to that solution. (i.e., Travel Insurance Specialist. High Risk Insurance specialist)

Only 5% of insurance advisors have an assistant. We have a whole team of people, including an assistant, specialists in the area of group benefits, individual insurance, underwriting, travel insurance, etc. This helps you get to the bottom of your question faster.

With Naviguide you will see what you are purchasing with a clarity you did not know was possible. Your insurance education will allow you to trust your plan is right-sized to your needs.

You will know there is always someone looking out for you in the ever changing world of Insurance, tax and legal issues. You will hear from us with information and easy-to-follow instructions on how to adjust your course if necessary.

Your highly personal information is safe with us. We have invested in the highest level of data protection to ensure that client data is always safe. If we have a ransom-ware attack, we have processes in place to restore our systems and be up and running within 15 minutes and no need to pay the ransom.

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