Group Benefits

group benefits insurance bc and alberta
group benefits insurance bc and alberta
Attract, Retain, Appreciate
…are why business owners want benefit plans.
In fact, benefit plans do that, and much more.
Naviguide Sees Benefit Plans As Investments

Naviguide’s experienced insurance guides and educators help you get the most out of your group benefit plan.

We show you the paths toward cost control & long-term sustainability.
Turn group benefits into a tool that can help your bottom line.
The Naviguide Difference
we match your business insurance needs with the right provider

We listen, then match you with the insurer, big or small, that best meets your needs

We ensure you have up-to-date processes to enable you to make data-based decisions

We teach you and your staff how to get the most out of your group benefit plan

Ready to Discover the Naviguide Difference ?
We understand how to combine your business and planning needs to form a comprehensive plan.

You benefit from our relationships with our insurers and HR, tax and legal advisors. Our years of insurance expertise and business consulting includes a background in education, business, finance, taxation, benefit-related HR and contract law.

We communicate with your teams

We connect with your accounting, payroll department and human resources teams to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Group Health Benefits Plans

We are the Co-Founders of NGBM (National Group Benefits Meeting),
an education platform to help Benefit Plan Advisors better support their clients.

Our expert knowledge, connections and member affiliations will help your business succeed

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“Jay Nadler of Naviguide Insurance is by far and away the best benefits advisor I have ever dealt with. He is professional, courteous, and thoughtful with his advice. I work in the accounting field and have worked with many advisors before so I know how hard it can be to find a top notch advisor, but Jay is it. I highly recommend this company.”

Jesse Blades