Group Benefits

Celebrating 20 years!


Those of you who know me, know that I entered this industry at a tough time in my life. I had left my chosen career as an elementary school teacher as my wife of 2 years was beginning her fight with a brain tumor. We were in debt and the stresses were massive.

I had to find a new career. I eventually learned about a concept called Living Benefits. These benefits were available as insurance products. Disability, Critical Illness and Health Insurance make up the majority of those products. No one had ever told me they existed except for within the group plan I had while teaching. I had never heard of Critical Illness. If my wife had group disability insurance, our financial stress would have been much lower. We would have been able to focus on her health.

Celebrating 20 years!

That was 20 years ago.

I started with a mentor. He taught me a lot about the industry. I really liked that I could walk into a home or office and when I left, I knew that if the same type of thing that happened to my wife happened in that home, that the mortgage would get paid and buying food would not be a worry.

My mission in life became educating as many people as possible about the options that exist to replace income and reduce the stresses that come from accidents and illnesses.

I have been successful in my mission and I am not yet done.

In my 20 years, I have met with hundreds of families. Annually I get to speak to at least 100 business owners. Since the average size business in Canada is 8 people, then over my 20 years, I have given knowledge about group benefits and income protection to around 16,000 people. I am not done yet.

In the coming weeks, I will publish some blogs about the most important things I have learned about; this industry, life, helping yourself, your family, your friends and your employees.

I want to thank everyone who let me into their homes, business and lives. I have met a ton of amazing and wonderful people. I have met many business owners who just want to do the right thing for their
employees. I have met many families who just want to make sure their families are OK if something

I have made friends with many of them. Many of their thoughts, words and memories will remain with me forever. The people and this business have affected and changed my life in amazing ways.

I look forward to my future years of meeting people and helping with important life issues and events.

My acceptance in your lives is truly an honour. Thank you.



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