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Business Emergency Plan


(WARNING: A RANT IS ABOUT TO ENSUE…) I have been in this business since 2002. Before that, I sold to, consulted to, and ran other businesses (big & small). I have always been fortunate enough to understand that I need to have a written emergency plan. When I owned Marathon, my will clearly stated …


Celebrating 20 years!

Celebrating 20 years!

TIME HAS GONE BY SO FAST. WHAT HAVE I LEARNED? Those of you who know me, know that I entered this industry at a tough time in my life. I had left my chosen career as an elementary school teacher as my wife of 2 years was beginning her fight with a brain tumor. …

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Professional Advisor Services

Do you have a Professional Group Benefits Advisor? The team at Naviguide are Professional Advisors. The amount you pay for a broker or a Professional Advisor is the same. A Professional Advisor will: Review how you run payroll to ensure your plan is tax optimized and T-4 boxes 14, 40 and 85 are all …

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National Employee Benefits Day

National Employee Benefits Day takes place every April to recognize the plan administrators, personnel, trustees, and advisors who dedicate their services to providing the best benefits services & support possible. (You probably rank this occasion somewhere behind national beer or wine appreciation day) This year, mental health support is the focus of the day. As such, below you …

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Administrative Services Only (ASO) Insurance Plan - Case study

Administrative Services Only (ASO) Insurance Plan – Case study

Split Funding is the ultimate solution providing ultimate choice in funding. Please click on the image or this link to read about our case study. Administrative Services Only (ASO) Insurance Plan – Case study.pdf Contact us with your insurance and benefits needs.  

PharmaCare Changes in 2019

BC changed the rules around Pharmacare on January 1st of this year. These changes will save money. The biggest change is that they have lowered or eliminated the deductible that we had to pay. Lower incomes now have a $0 deductible. If you are not registered for Pharmacare, below you will find a link …

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