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Hybrid Workforce

CONSIDERATIONS WHEN YOU HAVE EMPLOYEES WORKING FROM HOME The following notes were taken from an employment law seminar I attended in February 2023. The following does not constitute legal advice. This is simply a list of items you need to consider when you have employees who work from home. It likely misses some points. …

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Starting a business

This is part 3 in my Celebrating 20 Years series, click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2. Everyone starting a business does not know what they need to know This statement really applies to all parts of life. Since I work predominantly with business owners, we will keep it in the …

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PharmaCare Changes in 2019

BC changed the rules around Pharmacare on January 1st of this year. These changes will save money. The biggest change is that they have lowered or eliminated the deductible that we had to pay. Lower incomes now have a $0 deductible. If you are not registered for Pharmacare, below you will find a link …

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