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The majority of Canadians are now aware of Virtual Care.

Awareness of the available options is important.

People rarely realize the scope of their benefit plan and available services.

virtual health care

As a resident of BC or Alberta, if you have provincial health coverage, you can access virtual medical health care with no extra charge. Alberta Health & BC MSP pay the costs of some services for you. If you do not have a Family Doctor, you have access to these services.

There are lots of service options available. We do not supply them nor can we comment on them. The purpose of this piece is to inform you that you have options. BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) and Alberta Health, provide coverage for on-demand consultations with a general practitioner. Patients must have a valid provincial health card.

Be aware, these services often have a wide array of additional services. Some of them are paid by provincial health. Some of them are available for a fee. Some of the fees may be reimbursable by your insurer. (Check with the provider and your insurer before agreeing to any service that may have fees.)

Many of these services require you to download an app and book through that app.

In no particular order, here are some options for you. There are many more:

• Maple
• Virtual Clinics
• Rocket Doctor
• Telus Health
• Your Doctors
• Tia Health

Free in BC
Free in AB & BC
Free in AB & BC
Free in AB & BC
Free in BC
Free in AB & BC

This is just to inform you that you have lots of choice in how you receive your healthcare even if you cannot find a personal GP. We hope and recommend you find a personal GP.

Jay Nadler, Employee Benefit Specialist.

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