Group Benefits

National Employee Benefits Day

National Employee Benefits Day takes place every April to recognize the plan administrators, personnel, trustees, and advisors who dedicate their services to providing the best benefits services & support possible. (You probably rank this occasion somewhere behind national beer or wine appreciation day)

This year, mental health support is the focus of the day. As such, below you will find some resources that you can use and share with your employees.

When considering the mental health of your employees, it is even more important to consider the health of their family members. If a spouse or a child is suffering then your employee will also have challenges that should be addressed. Please share the following with your employees.

  • A simple reminder that if you have a group benefit plan, you have funding for visits to a counsellor or social worker
  • If you already have an Employee Assistance Plan  (EAP) and you want to discuss ways that you can keep that front and centre with your employees, I am happy to discuss ideas with you.
  • Many of you have some hidden options with in your plans that can help with mental health:


Other Resources for you and your employees

  • In BC, all employees should register for Pharmacare. It is no charge and is easy to apply. It compliments your drug benefit plan. Employees who need medications may get up to 100% coverage even if you only have an 80% plan.
  • In Alberta, if anyone is on higher amounts of medication, applying to Alberta Non-Group may supplement your plan up to 100%.


To protect your business:

We have likely spoken about this before, but I know you have a lot on your plate so this is just a reminder:

Speak to your P&C broker to make sure you have Plan Administrator Liability coverage.
This is a free or low cost addition that can be added to your Corporate Liability Policy.
Get as much as you can. It is cheap insurance.

I am happy to review your policy to see if it’s there.


We wish you a great Employee Benefits Day, and as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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