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The world is getting back to the old normal and we are traveling again. Here are some thoughts and recommendations about travel insurance during the time of Covid.

  • If you do not have travel insurance, get it!
    • It is very low cost and can cover you for massive expenses should you end up in a hospital. I have seen claims for over $2,000,000. One day in a US hospital, starts at about $6,000 if it is not an emergency. I have seen bills for over $250,000 for the first day in a hospital following an accident.
  • If you are travelling within Canada, you still need travel insurance.
    • One of my friends had a bicycle accident. His out of pocket costs were $25,000. Travel insurance would have cost him $50
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  • If you have Group benefits, you likely already have Emergency Medical travel insurance and may not need more. This is great insurance
    • Read the pre-existing conditions exclusion information. Not all plans have this exclusion so make sure you know what you have.
      • If you have health issues or changes in your medication (within the past 120 days or more if you are over age 65) you should call your travel insurance provider at least two weeks in advance to see if you are covered.
        • If they say yes, get it in writing!
        • If they say no, contact me ASAP and I will introduce you to a travel insurance specialist.
    • If you need to make a claim and can speak for yourself, always call in and start the claim before going in.
      • If you cannot speak for yourself, have someone call within 48 hours of seeing a medical professional.
      • Share your travel insurance details with your travelling companion. They can call in for you if you cannot do it yourself.

Since the start of Covid travel insurance has been changing. At the start, it did not cover anything related to Covid. Today, most insurers cover emergency medical issues related to Covid. They do not cover quarantine costs if you are not in hospital unless you specifically purchase that. Travel insurance related to Covid continues to be in flux. You should expect that to be the case on a go-forward basis. We seem to have found a new balance. Till then;

in the days ahead of any out of province travel, log in to your insurance portal and
review the insurance wording & all travel updates that are available.

Wishing you safe & fun travels!

Jay Nadler, Employee Benefit Specialist.

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