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Jay Nadler

Road to recovery for persons with disability

Employee on Disability Leave

WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT DO You have an employee on disability leave. You have questions. You are not sure what you can and cannot do, say & ask. You want to help them. You want them to come back. The information below, may be of assistance to you and to your employee. Reach […]

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Hybrid Workforce Considerations

Hybrid Workforce

CONSIDERATIONS WHEN YOU HAVE EMPLOYEES WORKING FROM HOME The following notes were taken from an employment law seminar I attended in February 2023 and 2024. The following does not constitute legal or HR advice. This is simply a list of items you need to consider when you have employees who work from home. It

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Insurance is not a commodity

Insurance is not a commodity

Yesterday, I read an article by an LTD claims lawyer about people with declined claims. He said you need to get a lawyer to sue your insurer to pay the claim. His premise is all insurance contracts are the same. That premise is not correct. Gold. Silver. Wheat. Soya Beans. Those are commodities and

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Happy Holiday Thank You

AND THOUGHTS FOR NEXT YEAR Happy end of year everyone! I want to begin with a thank you. This year was different than any of my prior 20 in the business. As we worked to regain as much of our old normal as possible, insurance company responses were slowed due to lack of employees

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travel insurance information

Travel Insurance Reminder

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR INSURANCE The world is getting back to the old normal and we are traveling again. Here are some thoughts and recommendations about travel insurance during the time of Covid. If you do not have travel insurance, get it! It is very low cost and can cover you

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ARE YOU REALLY GETTING A BETTER PRICE? Every year, your group benefit program is reviewed by your insurer based on premiums and claims paid. The various insurer fees are then added to that ratio. Every insurer does this and has the same cost-base so they all have the same fee structure. Some insurers are


Group Education Programs

Group Education Programs

GROUP Education Series THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS are available to your company to help educate you and your employees. We have learned that by providing these opportunities to your employees, the following benefits emerge: Employees are happier and feel safer. This usually equates to lower employee turnover. Your HR team gets fewer questions and spends

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