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Employee on Disability Leave


You have an employee on disability leave. You have questions. You are not sure what you can and cannot do, say & ask. You want to help them. You want them to come back. The information below, may be of assistance to you and to your employee.

Road to recovery for persons with disability
Reach out to your employee:
  • Lead with a genuine personal, about them, statement.
    • e. I just want to know how you are today and want to stay in touch…type thing. (Let them know they do not need to call back or disclose anything to you.)
  • You can ask if there is an expected return to work date. You can ask if they will be returning before the end of EI or if they think they need the LTD forms. Let them know this is so you can redistribute their work and plan for them so they do not have a massive pile waiting on their return
  • Do not ask any medical questions
  • You can express concern about the individual
  • You can ask how you can support
  • Let them know LTD forms should be started around 2 months before LTD will kick in and should be submitted asap. LTD payments will not begin until all questions are answered. LTD is paid in arrears like salary. If approved, employee will get paid around the end of each month. Let them know.
  • Ask permission to stay in touch
Return to work Process:
  • If there is a possibility for a return, you can ask how you can support a faster return. Can you create accommodation? What are your functional abilities?
    • Their dr will be able to help create that list. (Tell them you don’t need to know the medical details)
    • Make sure your employee is part of the accommodation process conversation. They will be helpful.
    • Let them know you will need a letter from their Dr letting you know they are able and ready to start coming back.
  • You can offer to pay the cost for the Dr’s report
  • Invite them to events. Let them judge if they are up to it or not.
  • Let them know you are aware that recovery is not linear. Some days & weeks will be better. You want to support them no matter what their return looks like.
  • Ensure they know they are not forgotten.

 As always, if you need any support or have questions, we are here to help. Feel free to reach out.

Jay Nadler, Employee Benefit Specialist.

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